Key Benefit Administrators –  Business Continuity During COVID-19

KBA has successfully operated with a distributed workforce through secure connections for several years.  More than 90% of our workforce worked remotely either daily or periodically prior to the current public health event and 98% are currently able to work remotely through company provided equipment and secure connections.   Our distributed workforce protocols have been thoroughly tested through both regular audits and years of actual operation.

KBA is continuing normal business operation with no material disruptions.  Our distributed workforce model allows for continuity of service throughout these events.

Similar to a natural disaster, we are leveraging our continuity plans and protocols to support our business operations and are making adjustments as the need arises.  No significant shortcomings have been identified and we continue to monitor the situation and plan for contingencies.

We are protecting the business interests of our clients and partners through a secure distributed workforce model and following our established privacy and security policies.   Those policies and procedures were already in place and operating to address a remote workforce and our employees are already accustomed to working remotely under these policies.

KBA continues to respond efficiently and effectively to calls and inquiries from clients, brokers, and members.  Customer Service representatives are accustomed to working remotely as part of our distributed workforce which has been in place for several years.  We have the systems and capability to support and monitor our distributed employees closely to ensure calls are handled appropriately and we are able to respond quickly in the event volumes increase.

Employer Resources

KBA is proactively communicating with our groups based on their specific plans and products.  All information and recommendations related to updates on COVID-19 will be uploaded to each group’s online portal for review.  If information is posted for your group, the group contact will receive an email with a link to the document within the portal.

Additional COVID-19 Updates and Guidance: