The KBA - DTE Value Proposition

CUSTOMIZED: You make all decisions- medical and branding.

TURN-KEY: KBA handles 95% of your administrative services.

REVENUE OPTIMIZATION: We boost top-line revenue and increase net earnings.

STOP-LOSS PREFERENCES: Access to many preferred stop-loss underwriters with programs down to two (2) employee lives.

CONTROL: We meet directly with employers to discuss issues including cost drivers, gaps in care, etc.

EXCLUSIVE: We promote YOUR program, and we never compete.

QUICK IMPLIMENTATION: Can begin marketing in 90 days or less.

LOW COST: The program can be deployed for less than a digital portable X-ray.

LIMITED RESOURCE ALLOCATION: DTE doesn’t require adding staff.

ACCESS: National and regional PPO network wraps for gaps in medical services, emergency care, and out-of-area claims.

SALES AND MARKETING: Proven sales and marketing distribution system supplied by KBA.

PROVEN POPULATION HEALTH: Proven and patented population management system – Over 2.5 million lives and counting.

Key Benefit

For more information on our Direct to Employer Health Care Plans, please contact:

Jack Hill
Executive Vice President
Fellow, American College of Healthcare Trustees
Key Benefit Administrators (KBA)

Laurie Love
Director, DTE Development
Key Benefit Administrators

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