KBA, as a QHP Issuer, must make its provider directory information available to HHS and the general public pursuant to 45 C.F.R. 156.230(b).
Data accuracy: KBA uses actual paid claims data for generating the MRF which ensures accuracy at time of payment. Persons who use this information should note that these data may not be current or accurate. As a QHP issuer, KBA must update its information in a machine-readable format not less than monthly. CMS imports the data directly from issuers daily.
Data Integrity: is provided to the public “AS IS” and utilizes this data at its own risk. KBA is not responsible for the result obtained from the use of such data. It is the responsibility of each user to identify the information needed to satisfy the user’s needs and to verify the accuracy of the content with the original source of the data.
KBA specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability relative to the data, the accuracy of the data, or the user’s utilization of the data. Any alteration of the original data, including conversion to other media or other data formats, is the responsibility of the user. Data that has been manipulated or reprocessed by the user is the sole and absolute responsibility of the user. KBA has no such responsibility relative to the user’s manipulation or reprocessing of the data. The user may not attribute or otherwise reference data that have been altered in any way as KBA data. KBA has no responsibility for the data after it has been converted, processed, reformatted, or otherwise altered. KBA has no responsibility for assisting users with converting the data to another format.
Additional terms and conditions to accessing and using the data: By accessing, downloading or using the data on the KBA MRFs the user is acknowledging it has read the terms and conditions of this Disclaimer and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions as a pre-condition to the user utilizing, accessing, downloading or using the data.
Prior to utilizing, accessing, downloading or using the data, any questions concerning this Disclaimer and use of this data should be directed to William C. Potter, General Counsel, Key Benefit Administrators, Inc., at 317.284.7185 or William.Potter@keybenefit.com