Current DTE’s:

Located in Meridian, Mississippi, Affinity Health Plan addresses rising healthcare costs with a focus on health and well-being. This approach ensures the greatest return on employer healthcare investment.

Healthy Partners CSRA, located in Augusta, Georgia, provides access to over 450 of the best local physicians working to improve the health of community businesses and their employees. Care centers on a results-based plan that improves employee wellness and productivity.

Businesses in the Fort Myers, Florida area are benefiting from the unique health solution to create better care for their employees at Lee Health Care Partners. More than 2,000 of the best local physicians are striving to bring the highest level of care to businesses in Lee County and Southwest Florida.

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, OneHealth Plan is a community-based solution to combat rising healthcare costs. By teaming up with other well-respected healthcare organizations and population health management programs, OneHealth has created a way for employers to control healthcare costs from every angle while ensuring improved health outcomes for employees.

Triangle Health Plan, located in Charleston, West Virginia, is reducing medical spending by as much as 17% for local area businesses. A teamwork approach to providing high-quality, cost-effective medical care is made possible by combining the skills of highly trained healthcare providers, facilities, benefit plan administration, risk management, and population health professionals.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, TCH Optimal Health is helping employers take control of healthcare costs using patented risk management techniques for better outcomes and lower costs. Over 1,200 of the best local physicians work to help employees take control of their health and wellness, even offering member health incentive programs.

Northwest Health Plan, located in Bentonville, Arkansas, directly manages the health of more than 55,000 patients in the region. Over 450 providers across 90 locations have produced quality healthcare while generating $40 million in cost savings in the last 6 years.

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, East Tennessee Health Plan is delivering exceptional care and service to employees while allowing you to control healthcare costs from every angle. A network of 2,000 providers and 1,400 beds allows participants to seek high-quality and cost-efficient care.

About DTE’s:

DTE, Direct to Employer, health plans are a community-based approach to cutting costs for the employer while improving employee health and wellness. 20% of your population drives 80% of your healthcare expenses, and with DTE plans, you can:

– Benefit from reduced rates for your employees at preferred hospitals.
– Bring accessible healthcare to your employees.
– Gain comprehensive access to your area’s top physicians and hospitals.
– Give your employees the freedom to choose their providers.

DTE health plans can help your organization succeed by improving employee health through data-driven population health management programs that incentivize wellness.

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