Patented Strategies

On May 4th, 2010, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the first of four U.S. Patents to Larry R. Dust, CEO, and Dr. David B. Cook, Chief Medical Director of the Key Family of Companies. Additional U.S. Patents have been awarded in 2011, 2013 and 2019. Together these patents have allowed us to help employers optimize their consumption of healthcare services while significantly reducing the overall cost of their health benefit programs.

In essence, our proprietary processes…covered by these four significant U.S. Patents…is a population management system that combines historical claim data and provider practice patterns with creative benefit design solutions. Because these benefit design solutions are geared specifically to each client’s claims experience, utilization, and demographics, they are effective in maximizing a particular client’s benefits while controlling the spiraling cost of health care.

Amid federal regulatory and other industry changes, this population management system has become established as a proven solution for thousands of self-insured employers seeking greater efficiencies in the healthcare marketplace. Over the last 11 years, our unique methods and systems have saved employers as much as 22% in health insurance costs.

In addition, having provided claims administration services covering more than 1.5 million claimants, we and our licensees hold one of the nation’s largest databases of covered members. Our ability to tap into this database and apply our patented processes demonstrates that successful results can be achieved with a consistent population management system.

Further to a national mission to control healthcare costs, we continue to make our intellectual property available to the healthcare industry through offering licenses to these patents.

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